July 6-12, 2014

June 29-July 5, 2014

June 22-28, 2014

  • Urbanathlon sign ups
  • Sprints in one week, Long Beach in three weeks
  • Make sure you're signed up on the Fremont anyvite for food tent
  • July 4th weekend: practice Thursday night + Friday morning, plus BBQ after Friday's practice!

June 15-21, 2014

  • Urbanathlon sign ups!
  • Vancouver crew is out of town. Practice will be headed by Wilson
  • July 4th weekend: practice Thursday night + Friday morning, plus BBQ after Friday's practice!

June 8-14, 2014

  • Urbanathlon sign ups!
  • Vancouver crew, give your paddles to Melvin by Tuesday.

June 1-7, 2014


  • Urbanathlon sign ups
  • Vancouver in 2 weeks!
  • We will no longer be holding the 8am workouts, but we highly recommend working out on your own outside of dragon boat practice to supplement the sport.

May 25-31, 2014

  • Erika, Mary and Sam would love to see more faces at the 8am workouts :)
  • Expect an email with the announcements!
  • Fill out the Sprints anyvite!

May 18-24, 2014

  • The 24th will be our first full team 8am workout run by Erika, Mary and Sam. Please join us!!
  • Vancouver crew, sign up for spots to OC.

May 11-17, 2014

  • Thanks for all of the help at the garage sale! We made about $500 and are still selling items!
  • If you need to change anything regarding your Long Beach attendance, make sure you do so on the thread on the anyvite.

May 4-10, 2014

  • Garage sale this week!
  • Break from practice this week and we will resume on 5/13. See ya'll then!

April 28-May 3rd, 2014

  • First race of the season is this week! GET EXCITED!
  • You can begin dropping off items with Brendan for the garage sale.
  • Make sure to respond to the bowling mixer anyvite.

April 21-27th, 2014

  • Monday, April 28th practice in place of April 29th due to the Giants game

April 14-20th, 2014

  • Monday, April 28th practice in place of April 29th due to the Giants game
  • Race day arrival time is TBD (expect to be at the race site from 5am-5pm)
  • Food tent Anyvite will be out soon
  • Post race dinner Anyvite will be out soon
  • DW Garage Sale will be on May 10th, 9am-3pm. Brendan is going to throw a bbq for volunteer. Collection of items will be 1 week prior to sale date: (please note how much you think the item is worth).
  • Long beach race Anyvite will be out soon.
  • Vancouver crew needs to book flights!

April 7-April 13, 2014 

  • Garage Sale drop off: April 28 at Brendan's
  • There will be an Anyvite for the garage sale shifts
  • Garage Sale is on May 10!
  • We need a couple more guys for the Vancouver crew!
  • Be careful and make sure your items are safely locked away in your car during our night practices. Protect yourself from burglary! 

March 31-April 6, 2014


  • Staff is meeting this weekend, so expect details for Vancouver and Garage Sale soon.

March 24-30, 2014

  • If you're interested in going to Vancouver, make sure you've responded to the anyvite.
  • We have about ONE MONTH until our first race!

March 17-23, 2014

  • We are going to start implementing some of the trigger point work we did today, into our regular practices. If you don't have a lacrosse ball, get one from Brendan.
  • Vancouver anyvite is coming out tonight! Make sure you're reading everything before responding.

March 10-16, 2014

  • Dock Renovation Community Meeting #2 is on Tuesday. Definitely attend if you'd like to learn more about the project.
  • The anyvite for the regional regatta is out. Make sure you respond, so we have an accurate head count.
  • The Vancouver anyvite is coming out soon. 
  • If you're interested in buying paddles or PFDs, talk to Brendan!
  • Our regular practice schedule resumes from this week on.

March 3-9, 2014

  • The race anyvites will be coming out soon! Be on the look out for that.
  • We need to pay CDBA our dues, so make sure you've turned yours in!

February 24-March 2, 2014


  • Make sure your dues and online waivers are taken care of!

February 17-23, 2014

  • We highly, highly, highly encourage you all to attend the Lake Merced Dock Renovation Community Meetings coming up. These changes will be HUGE for our dragon boat community and we want you all to be a part of it. Go to the homepage for the time and dates. See you all there! 

February 10-16, 2014

  • Great job at Saturday water! This week, we started working on getting solid strokes and building to higher speeds sooner, and with a limited number strokes. Each practice, we will be increasing the number of strokes with the end goal being a full race piece. It is critical that you are here as we are working towards this goal, as we are building the endurance each practice for the next.
  • We are going to Alcan this summer! Look out for the anyvite to sign up.
  • This season, we will have coaches dedicated to each boat, so there will be more consistency in who you see coaching.
  • Do your online waivers. You will get an email from Sam if you haven't done so already.
  • No practice tomorrow 2/16.

February 2-9, 2014

  • As of right now, all practices are ON. Lands may be cancelled if the weather conditions are bad, but water practice will be held no matter what.
  • No Sunday practice (2/16). Have a great three day weekend!
  • GREAT job for those who made it out for the rainy practices on Saturday and Sunday. You all are picking up the technique very, very well!

January 26-February 1, 2014

  • If this is your third water practice, make sure your dues are turned in.
  • February practice schedule starts next week: Tuesday land, Saturday&Sunday water.

January 19-25, 2014

  • TURN IN YOUR DUES! For most of you, 2/1 would be your 3rd water practice, so we expect you to have your dues in by this date. Give them to Melvin.
  • 2/8: Season Kickoff Potluck!!! Can't wait to see you all there!
  • The staff will be meeting about which international race we are attending and let you all know at a later date.
  • Instead of the Sports Basement Shopping Party, we will instead be having a Garage Sale! Details will be out shortly.
  • Great job today! We know that being on a competitive team comes with frequent critiques and a constant desire to always do more and do better, but we do want to ensure that you all know that you have picked up the technique fairly well and quickly, and that the boats have run well even with one day exposure to what we're learning. The coaches would love any and all feedback and highly encourage you to ask questions!  It will be this open communication that we really allow us to grow as a competitive team. GO DW!

January 18, 2014 (Saturday Water)

  • We're going to start to do announcements before we get onto the water!
  • The coaches encourage you all to invest in the items we shared with you at practice, as they hope to incorporate these into our regular routine. We want you to believe! (A good time to purchase them would be at our Sports Basement Shopping Party will be in February!)
  • Melvin has sent out an email regarding Team and CDBA dues. Please give them to him asap!

January 16, 2014 (Thursday Land)

  • Dues! Expect an email from Melvin

January 14, 2014 (Tuesday Land)

  • Thank you to Kathleen, Daphne, Nick, Melvin, Chris, and Brendan for volunteering at the Foster City 10 Miler/5K.
  • Give your dues to Melvin by Season Kickoff Potluck day! (2/8)
  • Don't forget your waivers. Again, you need them to get onto the water for practice.

January 11, 2014 (Saturday Water)

  • Thank you to everyone who came out to our first water practice of the season! 
  • If you have friends or family who are interested in joining our team, definitely feel free to bring them out.
  • Look out for more information regarding a Sports Basement Fundraiser event.
  • Sunday, January 12: Volunteer at the Foster City 10 Miler/5K
  • See you at land practice on Tuesday!