Q: What is the size of the team?
A: We are one of the largest dragon boat teams in California. Our membership varies form 75-100 paddlers housing up to 3 to 4 crews.

Q: Who are we looking for?
A: Athletic, committed and positive individuals who possess an interest for the sport.

What are people on the team like?
Members reflect a broad range of age, professions, interests and backgrounds from all over the San Francisco Bay Area. But we are all united in working together as a team to pursue our passion for good food, fun and of course competitive dragon boating. The best way to find out what the team is all about is to come out to a practice and see for yourself.

Is paddling experience required?
Prior paddling experience is not required however a positive attitude and commitment to developing and improving paddling skills are essential. We can teach you form, technique and timing but we can't teach heart. Bring heart.

How often are practices held, where and when?
Practice frequency and location depend on whether practice is held during the regular season or off season. See Training Schedule for details.

What is the duration of a practice session?
Practices typically last between a hour and a half to two hours. This usually includes warm ups, line ups and water time.

Q: What should I bring and wear to practice?
A: Equipment such as paddles and life jackets are provided at the practice sites. Choice of clothing, however, is important depending on the weather and
practice site. The weather at Lake Merced is often overcast, damp and cold. Water resistent/quick drying shorts/ pants, Tevas and an athletic top are usually the preferred practice attire. Regardless of the weather or practice site, synthetics are always the best choice due to the material's ability to breathe and dry quickly. Also, be sure to bring a change of clothes and a towel.

Q: If I decide to join the team do I have to attend every practice session?
A: This will really depend on your personal paddling goals and commitment level. Certainly folks miss practices due to the regular demands of life in the bay area but the more practices that you attend the better you will become.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim?
A: You don't need to know how to swim since entry into the water is exceptionally rare and the use of life jackets are required. So don't let the lack of swimming ability prevent you from coming out and give dragon boating a try but do consider that swimming is great cross training and certainly a good skill to have whenever you're around the water.

Q: Are there any fees involved?
A: Like any sport, the maintenance of equipment and administrative services do come at a cost. Come on out and try paddling for a few times for free. If you decide to join, an annual fee will be paid to the California Dragon Boat Association and to the team. Team operations are also subsidized through team fundraising efforts during the season.

Q: Does the team participate in out-of-town or international races?
A: Yes! We are one of the most well traveled teams in the Bay Area racing to destinations such as China, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Canada and within the US. Traveling for races is completely optional. Feel free to take a look at our race schedule and photo gallery.

Q: Do team members participate in other activities outside of paddling?
A: In addition to paddling together, DW is also very active in promoting the growth of dragon boating in the San Francisco bay area. When not on the water, members frequently get together for barbecues, dinner parties, movies, concerts, festivals and general fun & camaraderie. Check out our photo gallery to view photos of these events.