Team History
The Dragon Warriors were formed in 1999 from a partnership between two teams: the Warriors and the Beached Whales.

Self-Help for the Elderly a non-profit organization providing independent living assistance for older adults, was a major force in bringing the sport of dragon boating to the Bay Area. Self-Help formed the "Warriors for the Elderly" dragon boat team. The Warriors actively participated in races to promote the sport of dragon boating and raised funds and awareness for Self-Help.

The Beached Whales were originally the Academy Dragons formed by students from the San Francisco Academy of Arts and other dragon boat enthusiasts. They wanted to build a team that was competitive, yet fun, thus the change of the team's name to the "Beached Whales".

These two eclectic groups joined forces to compete in the 1999 Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. The fun, excitement, and success experienced in Long Beach inspired the idea to combine and form a top-notched dragon boat organization.

As word spread about the team, many new and enthusiastic paddlers joined the Dragon Warriors early in 2000. In 2003, we were the top finishing Bay Area dragon boat team in the coveted San Francisco Comp A division finals.

In 2004, DW took on the best of the Bay Area as well as some of the best in the nation and won the overall title at the 9th Annual Northern California International Dragon Boat Championships. In 2005, the Warriors again claimed the Grand Champion title at the 10th annual San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival and won the right to compete in the 2006 World Club Crew Championship in Toronto.

Off the water, DW has repeatedly won the annual pre-race talent show scoring the first-ever perfect score two years in a row. We have become famous for our impressive race site set up and fully loaded buffet tables on race day for all to enjoy. DW has quickly become one of the largest and most respected dragon boat teams in the Bay Area.

Dragon Warriors and the Larger Dragon Boat Community
In addition to traveling to many other festivals, DW is also very active in promoting the sport, culture, and awareness of dragon boating. We have members actively involved in local, regional, and national levels of dragon boating. DW is a proud member of the California Dragon Boat Association (CDBA) the largest dragon boat association in the San Francisco Bay Area.